Premium Green Coffee Review

by admin on July 27, 2012

New studies show that Premium Green Coffee can help you lose weight without changing anything in your diet or normal day to day life. Doctors and scientists are raving about the wonders of this new all natural supplement.  They are calling it a “Magic little pill” that can help any body type shed fat quickly without rigorous workouts and exercises.

In a study by the American Chemical Society in San Diego showed 16 obese teenagers who took a low dose of Premium Green Coffee extract and lost an average of 17.5 pounds over a 22 week period. They reduced their body weight by over 10% and didn’t have any problems with the shakes or jitters caused by caffeine. This new research may hold the key to permanent weight loss.

Each capsule is loaded with 800 mg of pure green coffee extract from unroasted coffee beans. No fillers, no artificial colors, and no additives. Recommended dosage is one capsule twice daily of double strength Premium Green Coffee extract with a glass of water before a meal. You won’t suffer from caffeine shake but you will kick start your body into burning fat as energy as it’s released into your blood stream.

While others are taking pills or making powdered drinks, you can be losing weight and feeling more energetic and have a healthier body in a matter of weeks. They will be wondering what you are taking to control your weight.

Order your supply of Premium Green Coffee extract today and see how you can lose the same weight others are while using green coffee unroasted coffee beans. Get the power of burning fat with each little capsule full of pure coffee extract for weight loss. You can get a special discount from the official order page below for a limited time only.